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Queensland Councils Announce ‘battleplan’ To Create Jobs After Coronavirus

Queensland councils announce ‘battleplan’ to create jobs after coronavirus

Queensland councils have announced a new ‘battleplan’ to create 14,000 new jobs following the coronavirus crisis.

The plan aims to create employment opportunities across the state and will cost $608 million.

Queensland councils announce new battleplan to kick-start economy

Councils from across Queensland drew up the multi-pronged plan hoping it will help kick-start the economy. 

Included in the plan is:

  • $200 million in new capital works,
  • funding for a 3000-strong “Green Army” to protect and improve the environment for the tourism and agricultural industries,
  • and training for 800 displaced workers through local government apprenticeships and traineeships.

The councils are asking the state government to fund the program to provide economic stimulus in their cities and towns.

Battleplan is not a hand-out

The Local Government Association of Queensland says councils are experiencing devastating losses.

For example, one council in western Queensland has lost $1 million in “grey nomad” camping fees.

LGAQ chief executive Greg Hallam tells The Courier-Mail:

“This battleplan is not a handout for councils but rather a hand up for communities and a bridge to better times.”

Half of the capital works funds will build and improve roads, bridges, parks and water infrastructure in the south-east.

And apprenticeships and traineeships on offer will be across all trades, allowing hundreds of people who’ve lost their jobs to re-skill and find a new career.

Hallam believes jobs will be available within months if the Palaszczuk Government gives the green light.

“It is fast and furious but also local and logical at the same time.

It will complement the good work already being done by the State.

“Queensland councils are ready, willing and able to play their part.

“They have the ideas and projects to make a flying start.

“Councils have a critical contribution to make in the economic recovery of their communities, as well as the recovery of the state and the nation.”

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