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Queensland’s Growth Industries Recruiting New Workers During Coronavirus

Queensland’s growth industries recruiting new workers during coronavirus

Queensland’s growth industries recruiting new workers during the coronavirus are now revealed.

The jobs are a bright light in a desperate economy with up to a million Australians now out of work.

They growth industries include:

  • hardware,
  • grocery stores,
  • health workers,
  • technical support staff and
  • security guards.

Queensland’s growth industries advertising for full-time and casual workers

Wilson Security is one company advertising a number of full-time and casual workers across the country.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry sees hardware and construction as employment growth areas.

Furthermore, Centrelink identifies fast food, telemarketing, cleaning, and health and pharmacy as areas where workers are in demand.

Supermarkets recruitment drive

Recently, both Coles and Woolworths recruited thousands of new workers to run their supermarkets and liquor stores as a result of panic buying.

CCIQ chief economist Dr Marcus Smith told The Brisbane Times he expects people working from home will boost the hardware sector.

“We know supermarkets and liquor stores have seen a surge in demand during the lockdown as consumers are limited in their choices of when they can spend their money,” he said.

“We can expect activity in hardware stores to pick up fairly significantly also as people look to make repairs and alterations to their houses and gardens.”



Health and construction industries remain strong

Queensland Health is currently recruiting specialist and general-skills staff.

For example:

  • Allied health, including pharmacists, psychologists, environmental health officers, and social workers;
  • Nursing and midwifery in areas such as emergency, intensive care units, aged care, and mental health;
  • Medical staff across a number of specialities, including fever clinics, emergency, and intensive care units;
  • Cleaners, ward persons, kitchen hands, laundry operators, and security officers;
  • Administration areas such as ward reception, call centres, and records.

Additionally, Dr Smith says construction jobs are still in demand, despite the pandemic.

“The construction industry continues to operate and has been relatively less affected by the shutdown,” he said.

“So we can expect in the future for activity to increase as the turf is turned on government infrastructure projects.”

Furthermore, the administrative and support services industry also has over 31,000 positions available.


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