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Tigerair Pilots To Lose Their Jobs Permanently

Tigerair pilots to lose their jobs permanently

All Tigerair pilots will lose their jobs permanently as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Virgin Australia, which owns Tigerair, confirmed more than 1,000 workers will be permanently out of work.

Tigerair pilots lose their jobs after Virgin stands down 8000 workers

Yesterday, Virgin stood down 8,000 of its 10,000 employees as it slashed domestic flight capacity by 90 percent.

Today, chief executive Paul Scurrah confirmed more than 1,000 of those workers will lose their jobs permanently.

All 220 pilots at Tigerair were told they will lose their jobs at the end of April.

James Lauchland from the Australian Federation of Air Pilots said:

“It is disappointing that while Virgin is trying to reassure the travelling public that it will maintain a low-cost carrier, it is dismissing all of Tigerair’s pilots at the same time.”

Low-cost carrier will continue to operate

Virgin claims its low-cost subsidiary Tigerair will continue to operate after the coronavirus crisis ends.

It says it will use a single workforce of pilots across both Virgin and Tigerair.

A Virgin spokesperson said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has required the group to evaluate its operating model for its Boeing 737 flying, to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible once the crisis is over.

“We are consulting with the unions on a proposal to have all future domestic and short haul flying operated by Virgin Australia Group pilots, including Tigerair services.”

Qantas has stood down 20,000 of its 30,000 employees.

New union can help

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from My Private Union said he wants to help workers who have been stood down.

“Our union is offering a deal for workers who have lost their job because of the coronavirus,” he said.

“Our services include checking that a worker has been legally stood down and that they have access to all their leave entitlements.

“We can also help with re-training and looking for another job.

“In addition, we can help people navigate Centrelink, so they have access to the JobSeeker Payment or the Coronavirus Supplement.



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