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The Australian Political Boys Club | STV News

STV News – Women are held to a different standard than men in Australian politics.

Work Christmas Party Dangers | STV Explainer

STV Explainer – Here are some handy tips if your work is holding an office Christmas party this year.

Jeffrey Toobin’s Epic Zoom Fail! | STV News

STV News – Participating in Zoom work meetings can be hazardous to your employment – just ask Jeffrey Toobin, best selling author, staff writer for ‘The New Yorker’ and CNN senior legal analyst, who was caught masturbating on a Zoom call by his colleagues.

Pauline Hanson Sells Out Older Workers | STV News

STV News – In a last minute back-flip, Pauline Hanson voted against amendments to the JobMaker wage credit legislation that would have protected older workers from being replaced by young people eligible for the wage credit.

Sam Newman’s Vile Joe Biden Tweet | STV News

STV News – Washed up former AFL player Sam Newman posted a vile tweet about US President-elect Joe Biden.

12 Coronavirus Workplace Rights Questions Answered | Explainer

Employment Lawyer Charlotte Campbell from Fair Work Employment Lawyers answers 12 common questions about workers rights during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Can I Sacked For Contracting Coronavirus? | Explainer

Workers are claiming to have been sacked after contracting the coronavirus COVID-19.  Employment Lawyer Charlotte Campbell says it is unlawful to be dismissed from employment while you are sick.  Watch this video to find out your workplace rights as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Should I Be Paid For Coronavirus Time Off Work? | Explainer

Workers who are directed to not come into the office or to work from home because of Coronavirus COVID-19 fears should be paid.  Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan says full-time and part-time staff should not use their accrued sick pay while on Coronavirus leave.  Meanwhile, casual workers who lose shifts or work hours and income because of fears of the virus could be eligible to make a discrimination claim.

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